Affordable Quality

We provide the best commercial refrigeration solutions with Affordable price and Quality products.

Starcool commercial refrigeration is one of PT. Wahana Satria Abadi leading brands. PT. Wahana Satria Abadi has been operating in the commercial refrigeration industry for more than 25 years and has been supplying products and services to some of the biggest ice-cream manufacturers, restaurant chains, cafes and bakeries in Indonesia.


Improving the quality of food for all Indonesian people, by improving the quality of food storage with coolers and the way food is served.


To become the best commercial refrigeration company in Indonesia


Providing the best value for money products and services which are Affordable in price and Quality products

Best Product

Starcool is reliable and dependable commercial refrigeration unit. They maintain your quality food and drink material at their very best. Consistent taste and quality will certainly increase rate of your repeat customers.

Product Customization

With Starcool, we can custom and tailormade your own personalized cake showcase, salad bar counter or drink topping counter according to your business needs or interior design.

Experienced Team Members

At Starcool we value respect and integrity among our employees; therefore a great team environment will create long lasting team members. Each members of our delivery team, warehouse team and service team are very experienced. We are very customer oriented so we will do whatever we can to satisfy your business needs.

Great Selection of Product and Inventory

We have great selection of commercial refrigeration products for your business needs and indeed great inventory as well. Your old freezer broke down and need a quick replacement? Check. Need a special spare part for your 3-year old Starcool showcase? Check. Whatever you need and you need it quick, we will do our best to provide.

Great Reasons to choose

Starcool is commercial refrigeration with affordability price and good quality. From cake showcase, glass door chiller to kitchen chiller & freezer